Starting Something New

I’ve been writing a weekly column for my local newspaper for around 5 years now.  People keep asking me why I don’t have a blog.  So, now I have one.

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  1. Lenore
    Aug 29, 2011 @ 00:48:25

    Dear Sister,
    You are such a talented writer. It is a joy to see that you will be available to a broader audience. I wish you well in all you do. You have the opportunity to influence so many more lives and I know that is the plan. I will pray for your success in all you do. Peace, Lenore


  2. Becky Suiter Craig
    Aug 29, 2011 @ 02:36:46

    Great job, Judy!!! I read your column in the paper when I get the paper, and always enjoy your posts on Facebook as well. I will be a faithful blog reader also!


  3. bill pugliano
    Sep 22, 2011 @ 17:06:06

    Judy, I love your column in the paper and information you provide to all of us as it relates to the “Gospel and the word of our Creator.” Your column is the first thing I go to in the paper. Fantastic Job!
    You consistently say in your column that everyone is welcome to the Catholic way.
    Everyone is welcome to attend mass at St. Gerard’s and receive the “body and blood of Christ” for the forgiveness of sin.
    My one question is , how can a person come to the Lord in your church and receive the sacrements if that person is divorced. I am a Catholic and I am asked by a very close friend who is also a Catholic. She divorced her first husband and remarried and has been married now for 35 years. My understanding in the Catholic church and religion is that, she is lilving in moral sin and so being, she cannot go to confiession and receive the holy sacrament of communion.
    You say in one of your columns that all Catholics are welcome back to the Church i.e. divorcees being one those. She says if I can”t go to confession and receive penance for her sin (divorced), it would be very embarrasing to her and she would en up leaving the church during communion. She is very concerned about after
    life, thiis would keep her from entering the Kingdom of the Father Almighty.
    She was to embarrased to write this herself, so she asked me to send this to you.
    Waiting for your most important response to her question. This must have prayed on her mind for over 35 years.

    thank you…………..


    • tiberjudy
      Sep 23, 2011 @ 16:45:38

      Hi Bill,
      Thanks so much for your kind words. Writing this column (and now blog) for the past few years has been a real blessing for me.
      Yes, everyone is welcome to Mass at our parish. We have so many converts and marriages between Catholics and non-Catholic Christians at SGM. Family members of Catholics attend Mass each weekend and few may even know they aren’t Catholic themselves. But……non-Catholics at my parish (and any other Catholic parish) are NOT able to receive Holy Communion with us. Just as the word implies, “communion” connotes a oneness of belief that, unfortunately, we don’t share with those outside our faith. Additionally, only Catholics who are in a state of grace may receive Communion worthily. So if anyone is conscious of grave or mortal sin in their lives, they should first make a sacramental confession before receiving Holy Communion. Your friend’s situation is complicated by her remarriage. Unless and until her first marriage is annulled by the Church, she should refrain from Holy Communion. Annullments can be long and cumbersome (up to a year or more to process) or they can be fairly easily dealth with by her parish priest. It depends on several factors including whether or not her former husband was a baptized Christian at the time of their marriage, as well as other issues which are too complicated to get into here. She seems to be feeling God tug at her heart to come back to Him. This is grace. She is always welcome, as is her current husband, to come to Mass. It would be good for her to make an appointment with the pastor and talk over her situation. Her remarriage is certainly no reason not to come to the Lord in Mass each week. Many people come to Mass (like all our non-Catholic family members) and do not receive Communion. This shouldn’t be a cause of embarassment for her in any way. Indeed, her respect for Church teaching is to be commended. I would invite her to contact me if she’d like to talk things over (706.483.1610) or email me at I’d be happy to ease her mind about coming home to her Church.
      Thank you again for this thoughtful and considerate inquiry on behalf of your friend.
      Blessings and peace,
      Judy Bowman


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