The President’s In Town Today

flag and bibleDear President Obama,
I hope you’re enjoying your visit to Chattanooga today. You came to talk about your ideas for helping our economy to recover and to discuss how businesses can continue to create more new jobs. Maybe you’ll have the chance to see a little of the city while you were here. If you do you’ll see a beautiful community surrounded by mountains and the Tennessee River. I hope you have the chance to talk with some ordinary people while you’re here although your events are closed to the public. You see, it’s the people of Chattanooga that make it truly beautiful. I guess you hear that about every city you visit. But let me tell you a story that will show what sets Chattanooga apart.

In 1973 the Supreme Court decision in Roe vs. Wade made most abortions legal in our country. Abortion clinics began to open all over America. In 1975 the Chattanooga Women’s Clinic opened in a building very close to the airport where your jet landed. The name made it sound like a health center but it was really just an abortion mill. It was the only one in our area and for many years it did a brisk and terrible business. This abortion clinic was like a rotten place in the heart of our city. You see Chattanooga claims to be a city of great faith. In fact, there’s a church here for about every 220 people. That’s a lot of churches. And we take pride in being a generous and giving community as well. “The average Chattanoogan gives away nearly twice as much of his or her disposable income to charities and religious groups as the typical American”(Chattanooga Times-Free Press, 8/23/12).  And like most Southerners we hold God, family, and country to be our highest loves. I think you called it “clinging to our Bibles and our guns.”  Yet for decades we allowed thousands of our unborn children to be murdered at the Chattanooga Women’s Clinic. But in 1985 a group of area citizens had seen enough. A small group of people began to gather outside the clinic and pray together. That group grew in numbers and in strength. And in 1993 they bought the clinic and established the National Memorial for the Unborn on its former site. The Memorial has become a place of healing and remembrance for the more than 35,000 children who lost their lives there. Women and families come to the Memorial from all across the country each year. They come to pray, to seek forgiveness, to remember and to heal. They come for peace. And they mostly find it. What was once a place of death has become a place of life and of hope.

Mr. President, you’ve spent your entire political career supporting abortion. You believe that a woman has the right to kill their unborn children and you want taxpayers to pay for them. That goes against my faith and I’m thankful that the bishops of my Catholic Church are fighting your mandate in the courts. I pray that we can put an end to abortion and to the rest of your healthcare mandate. You seem to be a man who loves his children. How can you look at your two beautiful daughters and still support programs and centers that would gladly have murdered either or both of them before they took their first breath?  How can a father want to do that? How could any Christian want to do that?

Your visit to Chattanooga will brief and, let’s face it,  it’s a staged media event. You came here to a red state, a right-to-work state with GOP leaders to promote policies which are very unpopular here. I suppose that took some amount of political courage. Could you use some of that same courage to stand up for the sanctity of human life?  Can you at least admit that an abortion kills a human being? That would be a huge step towards protecting ALL of the citizens of this country that you have sworn to serve. The people of Chattanooga stood up to the evil of abortion transformed a place of murder into a place of healing. Our country needs that same kind of healing. Our country needs you to have that same kind of courage. We need you to stand up for life, Mr. President.

“I’ve got two daughters…If they make a mistake, I don’t want them punished with a baby.”
            —President Barack Obama


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