Islam Loves Our Lady


You might not know it from all the non-coverage the major networks are giving us, but there’s a Christian holocaust going on today in Iraq and Syria. Christians are being persecuted in other ares of the world too, but not on the scale and severity that ISIS is perpetrating. Men and women and babies are being crucified, beheaded and set on fire, often while family members are forced to watch. Radical Muslim terrorists want to purge their cities of all Christians. Most of these are Roman Catholic or Eastern Orthodox Christians, among others. Thousands have died, including two American journalists whose beheadings finally managed to bring some media focus to the violence there, at least for a few days. Make no mistake, this is a genocide of Christians.

Our president has told us that he has no strategy to deal with ISIS and their threats. Others, like Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) have a very definite idea of how to handle them: “We ought to bomb them back to the Stone Age.” We can disagree on what we should do, but we must do SOMETHING. We can’t sit quietly by as our brothers and sisters in Christ are driven from their homes and killed for one reason—their faith in Jesus. Doing nothing is not an option. By doing nothing we are saying to the terrorists: “I see what you are doing and I can’t be bothered. Your victims are not my family or my friends and their lives have no value to me.”

But they are our family. Their baptism binds us with them in the love of Christ. Believe this also, that the terrorists who are killing them would kill you or me for the same reason if they could get to us. Yet, for the most part, our country’s leaders have tolerated more and more of these murders, including Americans. Pope Francis recently urged that the violence against Christians must be stopped when he said, “In these cases where there is an unjust aggression, I can only say that it is licit to stop the unjust aggressor”(August 19, 2014). Cardinal Donald Wuerl echoed the Pope’s concerns at a recent Mass which celebrated the opening of the academic year at the Catholic University of America. He said, “Atrocities happen for two reasons. There are people prepared to commit them and there are those who remain silent.” He calls us out of our inaction, saying that “we are not free to ignore” this genocide.

What does this mean for us as Christians in America? To begin with, let’s look at history. Christians have faced the threat of radical Islam before. In 1571, Europe faced invasion by the Ottoman Empire. A naval battle ensued, won by a coalition of Catholic maritime states at Lepanto. The victors credited their good fortune to the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary, to whom they had prayed before the battle began. She was their secret weapon. If not for their victory, the entire history of Europe would have unfolded much differently. Mary has a deep connection to Islam. She is mentioned by name in the Koran more than she is in the New Testament. In fact, she’s the only woman mentioned by name in the whole Koran. Muslims revere her. Mohammad’s daughter was named Fatima. Catholics recognize Fatima as the town in Portugal where the Virgin Mary appeared to three children in 1917. God chose Fatima for a reason. The events there centered on Mary’s urging us all to pray the Rosary for peace and for the conversion of the world to Christianity.

So that’s the strategy I’m proposing, even if our president doesn’t have one yet. For the sake of our Christian family in the Middle East, we ask for the Blessed Virgin Mary to intercede. Mary always points to her Son. As His mother, she brought Jesus to our broken and hurting world. In a way, she was the bridge between heaven’s love and our desperate need for God’s salvation. At Fatima, she proclaimed His unending desire that every soul be brought to Him and that our own faithfulness and prayers can help. No one, not even the most hardened of hearts, is beyond the love and mercy of God. So while our political leaders search for a strategy to stop the violence, we can invoke the intercession of Our Lady of Fatima: surely a name and a title that has meaning for the people of Islam. We pray for the peace of God to end the bloodshed which plagues the Middle East. We pray for peace in the hearts of all who are far from God and we ask for His mother to, as always, point the way to her Son and our Savior, Jesus Christ.

“And remember when the angels said, ‘O, Mary! God has chosen you, purified you and chosen you above the women of the world.”
—Koran 3:42


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. SR
    Sep 07, 2014 @ 20:38:50

    My prayer is one day Islam will accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior. For without this, they do not have the Holy Spirit. Without His conviction they will only continue to hurt and murder the innocent.

    I pray a decade of the Rosary daily for this situation. I trust in the Blessed Mother’s intercession for us and them. Good post and God Bless, SR


    • tiberjudy
      Sep 07, 2014 @ 20:41:15

      Bless you for your patient reading and your comment. Only the love of Christ can heal our broken world. And our Blessed Mother is the mediatrix of His grace. Help us, Lord.


  2. Cariña de María
    Sep 20, 2014 @ 01:24:37

    This is a very moving post. Thank you for all the interesting information here, for requesting people to pray, and for your kindly reminder to love our enemy and pray for those who persecute us.

    God bless!


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