Your Clear Conscience

There’s so much going on in the world today and it’s a lot to keep up with. Between television news on a 24-hour cycle and all that’s available online and in social media, it’s a real effort to stay on top of the latest. But you do your best, because you care what happens to people and you want to stay informed.  

You tuned in on September 11 just in time to see the plane hit the second tower. You still remember the horror and shock of that awful day. So many innocent people killed in just a few hours. Over the following months and years you watched us go to war and you saw many more Americans killed. You wondered if our country was on the right path. You hated seeing so many deaths. Because you care about people.  

When the recession hit America in 2008, you watched many people lose their jobs. Some people you knew even lost their homes. Qualified folks went so long without being able to find work. Even college graduates couldn’t find a job. Construction everywhere ground to a halt. And this went on for years, until it almost seemed like this was normal in our country. You felt so awful seeing friends and family struggle to make ends meet. Because you care about people.  

You’re worried about the environment, too. Maybe at first you weren’t too convinced when you heard folks talk about global warming. But now it seems pretty clear that things are heating up. Is it caused by people or is it another natural period of warming temperatures? Is there anything we can do to stop it? You worry. You recycle. You conserve. You’ve thought about buying a Prius. You see our weather changing with more heat, more drought and more extreme events. It’s enough to make you anxious for the generations to come. Because you care about people.  

You see friends and family struggling with understanding and accepting folks who are gay, lesbian, or transgender. You watched when the Supreme Court made gay marriage legal across our country. You’re trying to be supportive with those folks who are hurting or angry because of that ruling. But you also see the happiness unfolding in the lives of your LGBTQ friends as they marry and make families together. Sometimes you feel you’re caught in the middle of the whole thing. Because you care about people.  

You’ve watched our country debate immigration. Those pictures of babies and children suffering in Syria break your heart. You know that many families there just want to come here and be safe and have a normal life. But you’ve also seen terrorists attack innocent people here and in Paris and Brussels, and so many other places. You always put a flag on your Facebook profile when that happens. Part of you worries that immigrants might be a threat here if we aren’t carefully screening who we let come in. You think about it a lot. Because you care about people.  

And now the election is almost here and there’s so much to consider before voting. Jobs and security and education. There’s school loans and fracking and trade. What about the Supreme Court vacancy and the quality of our drinking water? We have to address Putin and his aggression don’t we? And somehow we need to get Congress out of the doldrums to focus on things like healthcare and tax reform. And there’s crime and violence in our streets like never before, right? It can be overwhelming when you think about it all. But you don’t have to think about abortion. That’s the law of the land, so you need not worry about it going away. It’s here to stay. You’ll spend your time working for other causes. Because you care about people. Well, people that are already born, anyway.

If we accept that a mother can kill even her own child, how can we tell other people not to kill one another?”

       —-St. Mother Teresa of Calcutta 

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  1. Jeanette O'Toole
    Sep 26, 2016 @ 01:38:10

    Ha! I was wondering as I was reading your post, where you were going with this. Brilliant; very well done!


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